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GPS Toolbox Overview


Version 5

GPS TOOLBOX is a library of MATLAB m-file modules and programs used for 
the implementation of Global Positioning System (GPS) applications. GPS 
TOOLBOX enables you to simulate a specific GPS application quickly and 
easily without the need to code and test the basic GPS algorithms.

All of more than 250 m-files are compatible with MATLAB version 5.0 and 
higher, and most of them are also compatible with previous versions and 
Student Edition of MATLAB.

A complete (more than 300-pages) user's guide and reference manual contains 
detailed documentation for each module/program included in the library.

There are more than 40 fully explained examples (in excess of 120 pages) 
with input and output data, and generated plots.

The major building functions of the GPS TOOLBOX are divided in the 
following categories:

  • GPS related constants and conversion factors

  • Angle and coordinate transformations

  • Specialized plotting programs

  • Specialized statistics related functions

  • Special signal processing and Kalman filter functions

  • GPS time utilities and related functions

  • GPS almanac and other data processing functions

  • Trajectory and related utilities

  • Satellite position and velocity computation

  • Elevation and azimuth determination, and satellite visibility

  • DOPs computation, satellite selection and related functions

  • Pseudorange and deltarange determination, and related functions

  • Determination of user’s position and related functions

  • RINEX 2 data processing and position determination

  • Basic and advanced RAIM/FDE functions

  • GPS receiver evaluation functions

What is new in version 5 of GPS Software Toolbox

Here is the list of main upgrades and changes from the previous version 4:

  • Numerous updates of the previous modules and main programs and 31 new modules and main programs; overall there are more than 250 modules and main programs
  • An expanded section containing more relevant GPS examples; also section 3 can be used as a tutorial (about 130 pages); an expanded manual of about 300 pages
  • An expanded directory containing test examples (softcopy) for all main programs
  • New topics included; for example, SP3 format processing and analysis, satellite position/velocity comparison using different data source (Yuma/SEM, RINEX and SP3 formats), GPS satellite visibility and HPL/VPL analysis, determination of user's position error based on selected pseudorange errors

The MATLAB source code is royalty free, i.e. the user can use this software in his/her particular application but is not permitted to resell the software as is or with changes.  Please read carefully the software license agreement before using the software.

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